Since we offer the total package of producing, we can assure you that not only will your audio be recorded, but will actually sound good! By the time we are done, your project will be ready for radio play or preservation.


We can create your entire album here and make you a rock star, or we can just re-record tracks and sometimes even fix someone else's recording.


Mixing is the precision sequencing of finished tracks for CD production masters including spacing, silencing unwanted sounds before and after individual tracks, reshaping fades, etc.; creative use of EQ, compression, limiting and phase-adjustment to help correct minor mix-related problems; overall volume adjustment for "competitive" level; relative volume adjustment between songs to maintain a consistent output level; and use of Sonic "No-Noise" and other programs to eliminate hiss, hum, and other unwanted noises.

Instrumental and Vocal Arranging

Both Bob and Vicki have extensive experience arranging instrumentals and vocals both on paper and with live instruction.


Together with Lilly at InterStellar Graphics, we can put together a marketing package for your band, including flyers, posters, band photography, logo design, a professionally built website, co-management of Facebook pages (for purposes of advertising your concerts and uploading posters), all completed "in-house" with Gourmet Audio. See pricing for package details.

Disc Makers / CD Baby

Using Disc Makers and CD Baby online services, we can also put together the complete package of your final recorded versions onto professionally made CDs, including album art, merchandising options such as t-shirts and other apparel, stickers, and also have your recordings uploaded to the top music websites Amazon, iTunes, and Napster. See pricing for package details.


Both Bob and Miles are experienced teachers of bass and guitar, respectively. Lessons can be geared toward anyone, regardless of level of expertise on the instruments, as Bob has been teaching everyone from children to adults how to play music most of his career both in the public school system and out. Lessons are usually once a week but if you want other arrangements, talk to Bob or Miles. See pricing for lesson prices.

Transcriptions and Charts

Bob has been writing charts since middle school and now produces what can only be defined as works of art at reasonable prices. Here is an example of a chart that Bob created for a client. E-mail Bob or see pricing for more information.